Introduction of Wanko Soba

   2017.09.04 To foreign everyone
Foreign Hello, everyone. Also “director Navi” is today from Morioka, Iwate Prefecture of Japan will deliver a hot topic in English.
It should be noted that, as usual, this article was translated automatically in the “Google translated site”. Grammar, mistakes, etc. of expression, please forgive me.

Favor externals, is as long as the people of 33 countries is glad as our visit to this blog yesterday. Thanks you.
Today, it continues to yesterday, we will introduce the “Morioka three Daimen”.
Today is “Wanko Soba”. This is, as was the noodles as famous national convention is opened, a small amount of the noodles, clerk been put into pounding his bowl, noodles is very acrobatic that spree eat it.

100 cups in children is I eat, but I will give up in about 70 cups. Good this Wanko Soba thing about this is that we “really become good memories.” If you do not clear the special rules, that it does not become a feast, even if is “another impossible …”, you have put the noodles is clerk from pounding the next to the next. I’m full of the amount is small, you come to put the noodles quickly follows you much surprised.

Though Wanko Soba’m a preeminent as good memories of travel, “for a while, to see the noodles become hate” as a weakness there is a thing called. And I am coming to Japan, when you challenge the Wanko Soba in Morioka, Iwate Prefecture, after returning home, about one month from a few weeks, there is a possibility that feelings become worse just by looking at the noodles. Please note.

If, if you are experiencing Wanko Soba in Morioka, absolute, and ask them to experience one by one, Another person, we recommend that you video shooting. After returning home, it climaxes definitely if you look at the videos on everyone. Since it climax in Japanese, is no laughing mistake as long as foreign visitors.
And other inedible challenger, please enjoy the hot battle of the clerk that conspire to try to put the next noodles.
So, I will introduce next time, will be the last of Morioka three major noodles “Ja Ja noodles!”

So See you. From Morioka, Iwate Prefecture of Japan, it was director Navi. Bye bye!