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   2017.09.04 To foreign everyone

Thank you for visiting. From Morioka, Iwate Prefecture of Japan, we have to update the blog every day, it is called the “Director Navi.” Where you saw the access analysis, since visits from abroad have found that there is fine, it is not so much in frequency basis, we wanted to do Let’s also article delivered in English.

It should be noted that this article, so we have made with Google’s translation program, but there may be a place of English grammar and wording is wrong, the side, please forgive me.

Well, my blog, has been centered on “a variety of electrical appliances Review”. Including the Apple product, iPhone6, iPad introduction of Air 2 of the cover or case, introduction of the glass film, introduction of EvernoteMarket products, introduction of Adonit stylus pen, introduction of BOSE product, and, it is the famous ski area in Iwate Prefecture , Appi Kogen, we have to update the recommended information about the introduction of Iwate plateau.

Basically, you do not have to write a review related articles in English, since it is possible to introduce it or are you review what kind of goods, but little by little, you can also introduced to foreign everyone, videos, etc. I think if you can look. Of course, the video also but we speaking in Japanese, please see it if you want.
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