35 countries of the Hello, everyone. Here is Mor

   2015.09.20 To foreign everyone
Hello from Morioka, Iwate Prefecture of Japan. It is a “general manager Navi” of the authors of this blog. Thank you for visiting.
The access analysis, and is a place I’m glad more and more every day the countries visited, but I had visited in this blog from the 35 countries of the country yesterday. Thanks you

We will inform you the top country in the best 10.
The United States, China, Canada, Germany, South Korea, India, Russia, Taiwan, United Kingdom, Netherlands
It becomes this way. Other, but access is less, we are visiting from many countries.

Also, I would like to write an article variously in English (I though the translation is a Google translation.)
In addition, Please come to play. Now I would like to introduce the “Ja Ja noodles!”
Or more, it was director Navi. Bye bye!